Made in L.A. hooked me in the first couple of chapters, and kept me interested all the way through to a conclusion that left me satisfied and smiling. Zach Hunter is the quintessential "fixer" for a wide spectrum of clients, from socialites to the Russian Mafia. He’s hired to deliver a coveted ivory elephant tusk sought by a Mexican cartel, a pair of nasty mob bosses and an unnamed government agency. The tusk is worth a fortune, but not for the reasons you might guess. Hunter's long time love interest, Marissa, is a beautiful, sultry, award winning interior designer, whose intelligence and French-Panamanian temperament keep Hunter on his toes. On another level, Made in L.A. is a tour of Los Angeles. As a native Angeleno, I found myself nodding knowingly as the story wound around some of L.A.'s famed landmarks. I think that non-Angeleno readers will be drawn to the City of Angels by the same sites. Stuart Osder has injected a classic and old-school approach into an exciting story line, filled it with plenty of action, suspense, romance, glamour and witty sarcasm. Not to mention the story is worth the read just to meet the greatest character of all--a 150 lb. Irish Wolfhound, named Owen. If you're looking for a fun, easy read that keeps you guessing to the very end, I recommend Made in L.A.


--M.W., Los Angeles.

Just finished your book...truly enjoyed it...loved revisting my hometown & all your fun characters....especially Owen & Julia...


--A.M., Hampton Bay, N.Y.

What a great book, it was fun and easy to read, yet has an intriguing story line with characters who have different personalities that really spice things up.

The story takes place in and around the Los Angeles area.  The streets andneighborhoods are also familiar to me and you cannot help but identify and smile when the names of streets and locations are mentioned in the book, it gives you a personal feeling while you are reading, that you are actually part of the story.


You can feel the action during the parts of the story when speed comes into play.  There lots of fun cars such as a Porsche Carrera that the main character drives, speeding around getting into various situations.
Dogs come to life during many situations in the story line.  They are man’s best friend and sometimes they are crime fighters which add a touch of warmth to the plot.


I would consider this book as R rated since there are some four letter words.


Grab a beer, sit down and read “Made in L.A.” you will find a fun experience.

--J.C., West Hills, C.A.

"MADE IN LA" by Stuart Osder.   As a Los Angeles native (but Stanford grad) residing the last forty years in Europe, 'Made In LA' provided many beautiful memories of the city and its most unique surroundings, as well as its cosmopolitan population eminating from everywhere in the world.

The intricate plot unfolds within the even more intricate Southern California
topography and provides an entrancing read.  The cast of characters reflects the author's amused observation of  human
 relationships as well as his loving appreciation of canine mentality .'Made in LA' makes for an action
packed story that keeps the reader glued to the end.  Highly recommended!
--L.S., London

Here's another delightful book written by local author Stuart Osder - "Made in L.A. The Novel"!  It's an action packed, funny romp with as many twits and turns as the Hollwood Hills!  And if you like dogs, you'll LOVE Owen!  This would make a great stocking stuffer!


--E.D., Thousand Oaks, C.A.

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