MADE IN L.A. by Stuart M. Osder



A Private Investigator. Over the years has built up his practice so that now his clients include a couple of large law firms, government agencies, studios, mobsters. Doesn’t usually carry these days, but when he does it’s a little Glock sub-compact. When he started, he had no money, but neither did a lot of his clients. As a result, they worked out barter arrangements---services for services, some of which arrangements continue. His office, for instance, has a sweeping view of Santa Monica Bay –Point Dume, thru Malibu, to Palos Verdes. It’s professionally decorated by Marissa (see below) but is rent free because of the deal he’s got with the owner. Similarly, he and Marissa (and now Owen) live in a beautiful home off a canyon, perched on a ridge overlooking both the coast and the San Fernando Valley. It’s not rent free, but Hunter bought it at the bottom of the market from a grateful client who carried the paper. His wardrobe arrangement is equally unique. The tailor is one of two or three “go to” designers for the Hollywood/Broadway/Vegas/London A-list crowd, but each month Hunter gets an outfit of some sort for nothing. Hunter’s a big guy, has had hand to hand combat experience, keeps in shape with tri weekly Martial Arts workouts. He’s tough, intelligent, street smart, and knows a lot of people. He’s a

Dodger fan.


Fiery, intelligent, gorgeous. She’s an award winning interior designer (several Golden Nuggets for her models at various West Rim Equities developments). She’s been with Hunter since back in the day.


Hunter first met Owen when Owen was a puppy trapped in a burning building (burning because it’s owner, a very bad guy named Artie Slater, torched it for the insurance) and Hunter dashed in and saved him. One night Slater asks Hunter to watch Owen for a week while Slater takes care of business somewhere out of the country. Hunter agrees, and when Owen, now something over 150 pounds, is dropped off, it’s instant bond. Hunter is trying to find a way to keep Owen when Slater is murdered. Owen is sweet, but very protective. Everybody talks baby talk to him. Everybody loves him, except those foolish enough to threaten his humans. He is always hungry.


Hunter’s Right Hand. Ebony hair, matching eyes, darkly beautiful, teaches Kick Boxing at a community college. Very tech savvy, very efficient, watches over Hunter. Has been with him forever.


She and Hunter go way back to the days when he was just starting his practice and she was a rookie FBI Agent. Now she’s the head of a very powerful, top secret , nameless Federal Agency, which just happens to also have an interest in the tusks. She’s unmarried, Jewish Italian from Brooklyn. Very tough. Very smart.


President and CEO of West Rim Equities, the fabulously successful developer of multi-million dollar homes. He’s a lawyer, ex Miltary with a soft spot in his heart for other ex-military types, their backgrounds being exceptionally fitting for the job. Over the years WRE’s security force developing into a highly trained, elite group.

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