Zachary Hunter’s client list ranges from Zoe Horowitz, whose fiancée disappears  hours before the wedding, to a Russian Mafia boss who runs the mob from prison. Hunter and the beautiful interior designer Marissa Juliette Baristono  have been together since back in the day.  Owen, an Irish Wolfhound weighing something north of 150 pounds, is a recent addition, his former owner having been shot.

     There has long been an urban legend about a pair of sacred elephant tusks stolen from an obscure cult many years ago. If they actually exist, they’re worth  a fortune because of perfectly executed erotic carvings rumored to be covering them.  Suddenly the the tusks surface in the possession of a Mexican cartel whose delivery van gets into an accident. A security guard in the van steals one of the tusks and cuts a deal with two rival mob bosses for it, figuring he’ll be able to acquire the second one later.


     The problem is that the second tusk vanishes, pretty much  guaranteeing that whichever boss  doesn’t get the tusk is going to come after him. It’s common knowledge on the street that Hunter has represented both bosses, so the thief hires him to deliver the tusk to one and simultaneously persuade the other not to kill him. 


     It’s a tough enough assignment without more, but it’s complicated by the fact that not only do the  mob bosses and the Cartel want the tusk, but so does the Russian Mafia, the CIA, the FBI, and LAPD. 


    Made in L.A. is an action packed, funny romp with as many twists and turns as the Hollywood Hills!


About the Author 



      Stu Osder, a native Angeleno, lives in Los Angeles.  He holds a B.A. in Government from California State College at Los Angeles, and a J.D. from U.C.L.A.

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